I am happy to offer the following services:

Presentations to overseas visitors or expatriates living in New Zealand: I have had much experience talking to non-New Zealanders wishing to understand this country. The presentations include:

  • An introduction to Aotearoa/New Zealand – its cultures, society, and ways of interacting
  • A short history of Aotearoa/New Zealand through its key moments
  • A history of the economy of Aotearoa/New Zealand from time of first settlement by Maori to the 21st century
  • The transformation of Aotearoa/New Zealand since 1940
  • The difference and similarities of Australia and New Zealand.

Presentations to New Zealand heritage groups, conferences, adult education, genealogists: Subjects which I am happy to talk about include:

  • History of immigration to New Zealand – overview or a special focus on migrants from Great Britain and Ireland.
  • New Zealand and the Great War:  Current presentations include one on ‘The Great War and New Zealand memory’ and  a study of the nature of bravery in war with a special focus on Gordon Harper.
  • Monuments and memorials: New Zealand’s war memorials, or an analysis of other memorials in New Zealand exploring the question of who has been memorialised and why?
  • Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand: a presentation on how we went about creating the first born-digital national encyclopaedia in the world.
  • Vices: Presentations on the history of smoking, alcohol and drugs in New Zealand.
  • The great revolution, 1940-2000: the transformation of the New Zealand value system in the second half of there 20th century.
  • I am happy to consider presentations on some other aspects of New Zealand history.

Websites:  Drawing on my experience with Te Ara and, I am happy to prepare text or give advice on websites which use historical content.

Museum exhibitions: I am happy to give historical advice on the content of exhibitions.  This may include the conceptual plan for an exhibition or the detailed historical content.  I am happy to review exhibitions plans and peer-review labels.

Film, television and radio:  I enjoy working in these media.  I would welcome involvement at either an initial conceptual stage, reviewing scripts or preparing background historical research for programmes and films.

Books and publications:  I have had much experience reviewing manuscripts and books for authors and publishers.

I usually charge a fee for my services, but am happy to negotiate a level appropriate to the time required and the resources of the organisation.  For voluntary organisations I will consider working gratis.

If you are interested in drawing upon my expertise, please contact me at


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